Izabella's Curse

Decatur Illinois Haunted House


A young girl named Izabella was very misunderstood. Quiet and shy, she had trouble making friends and spent much of her time watching the world go by.

One night while lying in bed, she started drifting off to sleep. She suddenly heard a strange noise and found herself in front of a house.

Reluctantly, she walked inside and was in total darkness. “Is there anyone here that can be my friend?” she asked softly.

Suddenly, she wasn’t alone. She didn’t know what or who they were. Some wore unusual clothes, some had distorted faces, some were cadaverous and some she simply couldn’t see at all.

“We will be your friend.” they replied. As strange as it was, Izabella realized that she liked it here and didn’t want to leave. Despite the echoing screams and haunting laughs, her loneliness had disappeared.  She didn’t want to wake up and have to face reality.

But is this really a dream? 

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Izabella's Curse Location

2121 S Imboden Court Decatur, IL 62521

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